Funds Raised

In the race of development we all are too focused on machines i.e. the big, known issues and are ignoring the needles the most important small parts i.e. issues.

 At GOONJ our focus is these needles.- With a large scale civic participation it is not only becoming a big people’s movement for progress but is also creating a parallel economy where every work doesn’t have to wait for money; huge quantities of old re-usable material becomes a valuable resource. We are looking forward to a parallel economy which is not CASH based but that is TRASH based.

 GOONJ is reaching parts of 21 states in partnerships with over 250 grassroots organizations, Ashoka Fellows, social activists, units of Indian army & social movements. Apart from thousands of volunteers all across, GOONJ has a formal team of 180 people with 11 offices across India.